Cookies, what are they?

A cookie is a small information file which is stored automatically on the users' navigator after accessing a web page.

What are they used for?

Session cookies

These cookies are automatically created and don't contain any sensitive information. They are used to manage visits between the server and a user, improve performance and protect a site from vulnerabilities and CSRF attacks.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics cookies to anonymously measure the site visits and learn about the use and needs of our site. In this way we can adapt the interaction and the content according to its use.

Some of the stored information is: service providers, types and versions of the navigator, operating systems, platform, viewed or searched pages, pages from which the site was accessed, keywords in searches and time and date of these activities.

Google Maps

Google creates cookies to add customized functionalities to interactive maps.

Social Media

Some plug-ins of the social networks (Facebook, Twitter) may use cookies to add new functionalities such as share links of this site.

To know more about cookies it's advised to visit:

How to disable cookies

Most web browsers allow control of most cookies through the browser settings, though this can limit the functionality in this site and other sites making your web experience worse.